Welcome to Sunrise Yoga w. Jane on ZOOM!

As we roll into the cold Winter ending of 2020, things just feel so unknown. So it feels good to offer something that you can count on, every week that is 100% FOR YOU. I love this because no matter where you are in the world, if this time works for you, you can count on me to be there to guide your through a self-loving yoga practice twice each week.

Instead of having to leave the house, get into your car and drive to a crowded studio, you can start fostering your home practice and cultivating a space that is just for you and your mat. My yoga classes are created to bring you into your body. To drop out of your mind and into your heart. Side effects include: feeling stronger, feeling more flexible, feeling more loving towards yourself and others. You've been warned!

Investment in these classes are $60/ monthly or $10 drop-in. Sign up below, can't wait to see your asana there!

Jane ♥️

I want in on this!